Project | One Hit Wonder​

One Hit Wonder is a brand-new rhythm-time strategy game set in a disco space station where you have to keep one step ahead of the beat. One Hit Wonder combines simple and easy to understand gameplay with pulsing, music-based action.   Featuring all-new, original music, play as an astronaut who must clear wave after punishing wave of alien monsters - but make one mistake and you’re dead. Move with the beat, dodging and weaving until the perfect note to strike.

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Project | We Should Talk

We Should Talk is a deep narrative game, where each conversation can branch based on minor changes of dialogue.  We Should Talk explores the challenge of building, maintaining, and interacting within relationships in a simple but robust game mechanic.

2019 IGF Student Honorable Mention, Bit Bash Official Selection, Game Devs of Color Official Selection, NYU Game Center Incubator Official Selection, Different Games Official Selection.

Website | Currently in alpha.

Project | Galactix

Galactix is a new, fun platform for all kinds of abstract strategy games.  These include Hunter, Constellation, and Wormhole.  Designed by Salter Liu, Rachel Moeller, Jack Schlesinger, and Dong Zhou at NYU, Galactix is out of this world!

Project | Neonimo

Neonimo is a real-time puzzle strategy game for mobile. Players place tetrominoes to build a path to their opponent’s base, forming buildings, claiming technology, and cutting off their opponent along the way.

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Project | Purgatory​

Given the challenge of a limited game engine (, I had to create as unusual of a game as possible - which became a platformer where you scream to move.

Play it online here.

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