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Your B​rand-New, Incurable Disease
Book and Lyrics by Jack Schlesinger

Music by Danny Ursetti

Your Brand-New, Incurable Disease is a brand-new musical about dying slowly, but faster than everyone else.  In this semi-autobiographical piece we follow Zack as he tries to pursue his dream of being a comedian despite his body and mind shutting down around him. He is helped and hindered along the way by a ensemble chorus of pills in a complex and genre-hopping score. Through comedic abstractions we see Zack’s worsening illness as he tries to figure out what it means to be okay.

Your Wish Is Granted
Book and Lyrics by Jack Schlesinger

Music by Hyerim Yu

Your Wish Is Granted, with music by Hyerim Yu and words by Jack Schlesinger, is a family musical about three siblings who move to a new town, and find a grumpy fairy in their backyard who can grant them any wish.  However, the fairy gives them a warning - whatever they wish, it will always go horribly wrong.  Still, they find themselves unable to stop making wishes, as they try to game the system, to make things better for themselves and their mother, and eventually to try to counteract the consequences of the wishes they’ve made as their world spirals out of control.  

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Cue 1 option 1 copy 2
Cue 6 option 2 copy 2
Sidelines: A Rock Opera
Book and Lyrics by Jack Schlesinger

Music by Jack Schlesinger and Lauren Aycock Anderson

Sidelines is a raucous exploration of everything sports are and represent - written by someone who knows almost nothing about sports.  

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